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Mohammad Reza Aazami Bafrani was born in Naeen Isfehan Iror an,1954
Started to Business work in a professional way in the carpet when he was in the prime of life and then began to write
At first, he started to write of Iran wide circulated newspaper companies by writing many various specialized, practical and critical articles about hard-woven carpets in Iran
The published articles in the newspaper were paid attention by the higest authorities responsible for carpet business in IRAN CARPET COMPANY ( Affiliated to the Ministry of commerce ) to use their substance because of the may of writing, topic selection and the variety of subjects
So the writer decided not to write specialized twelve years ago and  to provide imaginary short stories in a new way or specific ones that this collection included eight short stories will be published in this book for the first time in the world

By:Sara Aazami

Islamic republic of Iran

Iran chamber of commerce. Industries & mines

General membership card

Signatures specimen & photograph of the holder

Card no. 14168

This general membership card of the iran chamber of commerce, Indus- tries ad mines is issued according to the request of mr. Mohammad reza Aazami bafrani, holder of i.d. card no.42 issued at Naeen Isfahan, issued at june 30,1954

Date and No. of official declaration: no. 673 dated: august 22, 1977 Citizen of Iran

Capital of the company : the sum of *.10,000,000/-

Line of business: import of Materials food  and export of carpet

Office add, Raze ave. Rasti lane No. 11

Home add. As same as above: tel. No. 42662

Signed & sealed: iran chamber of commerce industries & mines branch Mashhad

Card for the year 1980



On nov. 6,1982 renewed for the year 1982 under no. 14168, capital of company: * 5,000,000*



On oct. 26, 1983 reneverd for the year 1983 under no. 14168


True translation certified

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The following article was printed on page 3 of Abrar Newspaper , No. 184, Second Circulation period, dated Tuesday, 27th June 1989,under Internal News

The Necessity of Establishing a Carpet Studies and Research Center in Iran

Dispersion of service does not give necessary technical information concerning standard carpet making to carpet-weavers

With 10 to 15 main colours , more than 100 sub-colours can be made in carpet design by dotted

In connection with the series of articles concerning carpets and carpet making of Iran, written by Mr. Mohammad Reza Azami Bafarani , the talented and innovating designer of making two sided carpets, we were informed that he is writing a book about carpet making , carpet-selling and knowledge of carpet in Iran , While presenting new works in carpet filed. We decided to have an interview with him in this regard. He welcomes our invitation, and brought with him a lot of new designs and different pictures of carpets

On history of Iranian carpet , he said ; as well as on design and weaving, on various design of carpets , on Tabriz , Kerman , Kashan , Ghom , Mashhad , Naeen , and ........ So on. He sincerely showed the design in carpet industry defence

We asked him to tell us about his familiarity with carpet

He answered: Since I was born in a city, which is the producer of one of the best carpets of Iran and the world, I was interested in carpet making and carpet from my youth. After completing secondary studies, and doing Military Services, I started carpet business and trading by obtaining the Business License and Trading Card. I was occupied in this business for ten years. (During this time, I did agriculture work as well, for two years). Then I decided to start writing a book on Iranian Carpet

For about four years I have started researching, studying and surveying for writing these books, the title of one of which is "Carpet making, carpet-selling and knowledge of carpet in Iran", and the title of the other is " Carpet making, carpet-selling and knowledge of carpet in Iran". The first volume will probably be finished about two years later, but the second volume's work may last for ten years, Generally, I have divided the result of my studies and researches into three parts. The first part, which is more technical, concerns carpet making and knowledge of carpets in different cities and provinces. I shall make a note of it for publishing in the book after final results. The second part includes my viewpoints and suggestions about carpet making and Carpets of Iran, which will be printed as research articles in Abrar Newspaper, and the third part is concerning innovation in carpet field, which I shall execute and publicize after doing

We asked him what new work he has done.

He answered: In making carpet, I have come to the result that we can weave carpets in two sides and combine then. In this field, I have done combination of different carpets which is an Isfahan, Naeen design, two sided, sized 1 meter and a half, and the second one is a Tabriz-Naeen two sided carpet. The news concerning these two carpets was publicized through, Newspapers, radio and television. I have another work being executed, which includes a combination of 6 carpets of Iran I two-sides, with raw materials, designs and different maps and weaving, with two night views, in a round form

Do you have other new work in addition to carpet combination

His answer is

- One in design and map part and the other is in dyeing. I have presented about 100 new designs in design and map part; my interest is more on applying nature in its natural and true from and using them in carpet design as well as making carpet design perspective, in such a way that originality are preserved. The trial work is under execution and near to finish. I hope I shall show a made one in the near future. But in dyeing field, I am doing a series of surveys, the experimental part of which is being finished and it includes mixture of main colours in carpet design in the form of dotted and mixed together

In a form that whit about 10 to 15 main colours , more that 100 sub-colours can be produced in carpet design experts do in dyeing barrels, is done on the carpet map/design. In this respect, three designers and painters have close cooperation whit me

How do you see the present situation of carpet and carpet making in Iran

- In general carpet business is in relation whit approximately thirty different jobs, each part of which suffers from many disorders and non-programming that listing them and the difficulties concerned takes a lot of time. It is better to think about a remedy and treatment, whit regard to the fact that both people and the responsibility know the difficulties, and the problems. I believe establishing an organization for carpet in Iran is necessary. If this is done, the problems will come to minimum. For the time being, a part in organizations such as Jahad, Industries, Ministry of Commerce and cooperative companies are active in this filed to help carpet business and carpet making which lacks versatility, and adequate information in different fields of carpet and carpet weaving is poor in them. Sometimes, even necessary information in technical works for making standard carpets is not with them to be able to make required information and guide. If these services are made through one canal, it will be more useful and have better output. Assume, for example, to see the problem in raw materials only. While making a standard carpet requires different guiding, most of the carpets, which are being made in Iran, are still non-standard and deficient, and only a few carpets are made in standard form, which from output viewpoint and economical point of view of the carpet, those made in standard form, are twice or three times more expensive than the ones made in non-standard and deficient styles. It is rather due to lack of technical knowledge of carpet making that most carpets are deficient. From point of view of raw materials and weaving, the deficient carpets have not many problems, even some useful work is done on them. Now the existence of a standard center for controlling carpet work is necessary in Iran. Why, most of the materials/goods produced, require confirmation certificate and approval from center of standard

This must be done in carpet work of Iran, too, to make standard 100 per sent of the carpets, which are made, and this will be a great help to carpet-export

After that, there is a need to a study and research center for carpets in Iran, where they can be active in improving carpet making, carpets and the relating jobs, and register and put on records the results of investigations of the past ancients, and continue it and make it available to those concerned

At present, printing a weekly or monthly publication, to discuss the problems and difficulties of carpet making, from the beginning to the end, and circulated widely in villages, will partly reduce the problems

Please mention your general viewpoints concerning carpet making and carpet

- Although I have explained them in different articles, with consideration of the necessity, I hereby repeat most of them as an index

Official ownership document for Iranian carpet, statistics and programming all over the country for production in conformity with market consumption in-and-out of the country, learning carpet making as a major course in schools, presentation of most correct method of carpet making through mass media for knowledge of most of the carpet weavers, who are continuing the most difficult method, without good knowledge, within the same old habit customary in each region. (4 line to end Page 3)

Necessary scientific guiding and presenting correct and precise traditional methods for those busy in dyeing business relating to carpet making. Providing a manufacturing map for a set of carpet- weaving, well equipped, complete, simple and cheap as much as possible in order to eliminate some of the problems of carpets deficiencies

True translation: 11 july 1989

(20 tir 1368)

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خبر در روزنامه خراسان

Khorassan, newspaper,

Wed. dd: jan.25.1989


Knitting of one pair of exquisite/unique carpets of the world began in mashhad


Knitting of the most exquisite, unique carpets of the world, with two separate sides, design ,drawing and colours, was started in mashhad by a carpet expert/ artist

According to our reporter, a pair of carpets, with a thickness of 6 mm each, one side of which is naeen design, with 10 colours and the other side is isfahan design with 15 working hours to finish. Up till now 10% of the work has been done

The naeen design has, on one side, "lachak toranj" with uncut knitting design, copper colour, and will have 1,200,000 knots, and the isfahan design on the other side will have a carpet frame drawing, with background in cream colour, with 1,200,000 knots

Also the second carpet is a two-sided-one with naeen design in 10 colours and tabriz design I 20 colours, dimensions: 175 cm × 275 cm, 15% of the work has been done, and the other side will have Naeen Design with "Lachak Toranj" drawing in crimson background and will own 2,250,000 Knots, the other side of which is Tabriz designed, with "Jooshagan Talfighi Gonbadi and Mehrabi" in azure colour background, mixing green grass and cream colours, with 2,250,000 Knots. It will take twice time of the first carpet for its completion. The weight of each square meter of these two beautiful, fine and unique carpets is 1200 kg and the hair height on both sides is 6 mm. The material used for these two carpets consists of 70% silk and 30% wool and cotton, and the whole twenty colours are herbal ones

Mr.Mohammad Reza Aazami Bafrani, the designer of these two unique carpets stated: knitting of these carpets is done by crossing hooks and knots, and the "Cheleh" is of cotton. After completing the work, I hope I shall show the knitting method to the interested people

This is two certify a true translation from Persian original in 1 page

Data of translation: Apr.3.1989

(14 Farvardin 1368)

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